II International Congress of Dental Prosthetics

CIProDI Ibiza 2019,

The project was born from the need to promote an exchange strategy that not only covers the information needs of professionals who develop their work at the local level, but also positions Ibiza as a benchmark in the training of professionals in the dental and related sector.

The Palace of Congresses


Inspired by the architecture of the churches that mark all of the Ibizan towns, this building constitutes an evocation of the culture, diversity, tolerance and freedom of the Pitiuso people. Sailors and pirates, merchants and farmers, fishermen, hippies and tourists, anyone who has visited or settled down throughout history on these pine-covered islands have forged and shaped the characteristics and special idiosyncrasy of their society. Within this evolution between different cultures and in homage to our history this unique building is created, not only to attract new visitors, but to put it at the service of the entire Ibizan population.

The building in which thanks to large skylights dominates natural light, aims to be a response to the climate of the island and a tribute to the courtyards of their houses and churches that both characterize its architecture.

The Palacio de Congresos de Ibiza has a cultural center marked by the natural essence of the island, with a large space illuminated by the natural light captured by the skylights strategically placed in the built-up area: two towards the exhibition hall, one in the auditorium and another on the patio, from where you can see a panoramic view of the Mediterranean pine forest that surrounds the building.

The exhibition space is used as a distributor towards all the rooms. The retracted volumetry of the building responds to the enumeration of all the meeting spaces and the systematization of a method to capture the exterior light: two volumes house 2 multi-purpose rooms with a capacity of 100 people in its lower part and a third contains the living room of acts at double height, with a capacity of 436 seats.

A group of eight rooms, designed to make them a versatile and transformable space that can serve both as lecture rooms and for cultural use, are located around a skylight

The reception floor, the cloakroom, the offices and the restaurant-cafeteria are located on the access floor, a large space that can be divided into four large dining rooms.

Palace of Congresses of Ibiza

Santa Eulalia del río, The municipality

Santa Eulària des Riu is a municipality in the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands, Spain.

It is located in the eastern part of the island of Ibiza and occupies more than 2/3 of the coastline. It is the second municipality in number of inhabitants of the island, after the city of Eivissa / Ibiza-capital.
It has a total area of ​​153.48km2, and an approximate population of 31,314 * inhabitants who live in the municipality throughout the year.


The sun likes Ibiza. That’s why we do not lack for about 300 days a year. Its rays heat us in summer, but also in the mornings and warm afternoons of winter, so pleasant for hiking and cycling. The temperatures on the island and in our municipality range from 30.6º of maximum of average present in August to 11.3º of minimum of average in January. The sea temperature oscillates between 14 and 28 degrees centigrade throughout the year, which allows water sports in the middle of winter, including diving.

Marine waters

They boast very warm temperatures and salinities somewhat higher than the oceanic ones. The salt obtained from the salinas of Ibiza is considered one of the best in the world for all its qualities. The most frequent waves throughout the year come from the northeast.

Santa Eulària des Riu - Simply authentic